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K9 Robbyfarm,LLC Worldwide Sales Of Protection And Police Dogs.

Welcome to the website of Robbyfarm 

Robbyfarm is a top of the line training facility located in Jay Florida and Belgium. We provide world class service dogs and home protection dogs at a low cost by “cutting out the middle man” and obtaining our dogs straight from our selected breeders/trainers in Belgium. Our trainers personally test and check every dog before being entered into our program. The K9 must have the right temperament, health, and qualities that are needed to be a successful service or protection dog before our training can begin. Our goal and mission is to provide you with the guarantee that you are protected by your new companion whether it’s at home or work.

At Robbyfarm we not only supply our clients with outstanding animals, but we also provide any required training to meet our client’s needs. We make sure our clients are very well educated on their new K9 prior to leaving our facility. Our professional trainers provide K9’s that meet the diverse needs of our clients by supplying dogs ranging in age from a puppy to full grown adults. We supply multiple training levels and skills ranging from bomb and narcotics detection, personal protection, and multiple purpose patrol dogs. K9 workingmalinois USA/Belgium understands that your dog is more than just an animal and we strive to provide a quality partner that you can depend on. also works together with,, which provides our trainers and clients with top quality equipment and training. Professional training and professional equipment are the key factors in your professional K9 teams and patrol units.