K9 Robbyfarm ‘Police Dogs For Real Work’

You may have asked yourself: 

What is a Police dog and what are they used for? 

A police dog can be used as a detection dog and or a  patrol dog. As detection dogs they are working to detect substances such as narcotics, explosive material or other material that provides a smell.
They can also be assigned as search and rescue dogs, looking for human smell or human remains (for example when major disasters have occurred).
Patrol dogs are seciifcally trained to assist police or other law-enforcement agencies. They can be trained in off leash obedience, agility, tracking, building/area or vehicle search, article search, criminal protection or handler protection.

K9 Robbyfarm provides the best working police dogs there is to offer. 

At K9 Robbyfarm ‘police dogs for real work’, we offer our customers the best quality available. Most of our dogs are:

Belgian Malinois
Dutch Shepherds
German Shepherds
German Pointers 

Single purpose police dogs:

Single purpose police dogs are mostly used as detection dogs.
We train and sell our dogs to customers all over the world. We offer green dogs, meaning that the customer can easily train these dogs themselves. We have selected the dogs based on drive and basic skills.
Semi-trained dogs have a basic training as single purpose working dog. A fully trained single purpose dog is trained to detect narcotics or explosives.

Please feel free to ask for price information and availability on our contact page or call us directly!

Dual purpose police dogs:

Dual purpose police dogs have the quality to detect and protect. These dogs are provided to our customers in three different levels: green dogs, semi-trained and fully trained. Most of these dogs are used by police forces or military forces all over the world.

Selecting police dogs:

K9 Robbyfarm invites their customers to visit our facility in Jay, Florida. Selecting a police dog at K9 Robbyfarm means you psychically can test the dogs that are presented to you.


All of our dogs are X-rayed on hips, elbows and spine. They all have international passports that hold medical and vaccination records. 

K9 Robbyfarm also provides K9 handler courses, FDLE- NNDDA. Besides delivering the best dogs available we can also provide your handlers the best and qualified handler courses. Please feel free to ask for further information on handler courses.

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