Photos of individualy selected and trained k9's of Robbyfarm with there handlers. 

Here is one of our examples

Robbyfarm has a unique concept for k9 handlers and there departments like none other. If a handler knows that their current k9 is due to retire, they can order a puppy that we hand selected and we will train it to their desire. The handler will have the opportunity to watch there puppy grow and excell in there abilities and training. Robbyfarm will provide the handler with a special website where they can watch videos of there new k9 training. 

We import puppies! Why....

we choose the best puppies with the best working temperament and the right drive for a top-future police dog! With guarantee.

Specialty Dutch and Malinois Shepherd Breeding Division.

We are a professional breeder of Malinois Shepherds. Our puppies are trained to be Police, Personal Protection and Family Protection dogs. We encourage these extraordinary dogs to posses stability, courage, control, and intelligence through our exclusive Malinois Shepherd Dog Training.

Throughout our breeding lines we continue to produce top level MH Shepherds with our exclusive tested Child Safe Obedience and Personal Protection Dog training. Many dogs featured on our web site are typically from our Kennel Robbyfarm Shepherd Breeding Lines. We are into multiple generations of the same basic lines which have provided over many litters parented exclusively from professional working dogs. Robbyfarm offers family guard dogs and family protection dogs from a variety of breeds including Dutch and Malinois Shepherds. For the most knowledgeable guard dog training and K9 training programs, feel free to contact us and we will send you more information about how our protection dog training programs are customized to your requirements.

K9 Robbyfarm, LLC Worldwide Sales Of Police Dogs. 'Police dogs for real work'

You can choose single or dual purpose. They can be specialized in basic training of the following: bite work, tracking, scent work, and home defense. 

If you pick up your k9 from our facility, we will include a couple days of training with the handler. Robbyfarm can also train the k9 and handler for official certification.