K9 Seminars - K9 Missions.

1994- Mission K9 IMP Bosnia Road 

2009- NY Penn Yan Yates County

2010- Mission K9-IMP Afghanistan  

2011-FL Orlando Titusville Police

2012-FL Milton Santa Rosa County

2012- FL Orlando Titusville Police

2013- NY Binghamton K9 Police

2013- NY Poughkeepsie Police

​2014- ME Maine Portland K9 Police

2014- NY Binghamton K9 Police

2014- NY Newburgh K9 Police

2014- AR Arkansas k9 Police Academy 

​2014- NY Poughkeepsie K9 Police

​2014- ME Maine Portland K9 Police

2015- PA Pennsylvania k9 Swat Seminar

2015- NY Binghamton k9 Police Seminar 

2015- ME Maine k9 police Seminar

2015- NY Poughkeepsie k9 Police Seminar

​​​​           K9-Robbyfarm


Low Enforcement K9 Police:

2015 - ME Maine k9 police Seminar April 6-7-8.

2015-  ME Maine k9 Problem solving and Control work April 11-12.

2015 - PA Pennsylvania k9 Swat seminar April 13-17.

2015 - NY Endicott k9 Police seminar Juni 1-6.

2015 - NY Poughkeepsie PD k9 police seminar Sept 21-25

​2015 - FL Titusville PD

2016 - PA Pennsylvania JPD specialized K9 police dog seminar.

2017 - ME Maine K9 specialized k9 police dog seminar.

           Reservations can be made: 

           207 318-7354 Chrystian S

2017 - PA Pennsylvania JPD

2018 Albany. Street tactics seminar

2019 PA Johnstown Police.  dope and advanced police dog training.

2020 PA Johnstown Seminar, details later.

Professional k9 training for professional dogs makes professional k9 teams

Certified trainers for Police program training. NNDA / FDLE 

Problem solving k9 and handler with his dog.

Private lessons and training dealing with police dogs.

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Robbyfarm's dogs that are currently active duty.

Robert ' ROBBY ' Hermans K9 Trainer

Robby was a K9 IMP Officer with the Belgian Army & and in collaboration with homeland security for 32 years. for the last 15 years of his career he was a head instructor of the Belgium IMP K9 Unit. This Unit consists of 450 officers and their respective dogs and handlers. Robby specializes in training police dogs for real work. Robby has been an instructor for, Explosive - Narcotics - Patrol dogs. Robby was a head instructor in, Decoy work - tactical work with police k9's. Robby also instructed several Police academies, local and federal police schools. Robby is an Afghanistan International Military Police war veteran, owner of his own k9 police dog center K9 Robbyfarm in Florida. Robby specializes in problem solving and aggression behavior solving, and advanced police dog training. Robby has completed many k9 seminars to include, Titusville FL, Milton FL, Binghamton NY, Poughkeepsie NY, Penn Yan NY, Arkansas AR, PortlandME, Pennsylvania PA, Albany NY.

Professional k9 training for professional dogs makes professional k9 teams.

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